Saturday, November 22, 2008

No comment plastic DIY flash gel holder

Just follow the pictures. If you can't do it by looking at the pictures you haven't researched enough and you probably shouldn't play with the torch lighter. All made from plastic picture frames bought at Michaels (could be walmart or any other store that sells the cheap plastic photo "frames". Heat the curve as well in order tighten it some more. Be careful with the knife and try not to scratch which ever surface will be part of the final product. Glue dots for sticking the Velcro to the plastic. No heating strip and complicated machinery. As one who played with the fire when I was a kid heating the plastic with the torch lighter was good memories of DIY pyrotechnics. The last pic is a smaller one that involved only bending and one cut. The cuts are the most pain ad posteriore. Heating is the fun part. Notice also a couple of cracks in there that I made while braking the plastic after cutting it with the knife. If that doesn't make you lose light or sleep over the esthetics, don't worry about it. If you are patient enough to keep cutting (just go over the same scratch line with the knife until you think you can tear it without problems. Go extra on the curve. If you are able to, go on both sides of the plastic so it breaks easier.

So much for the "no comment" part.

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